Everything started on the summer of 2014, we rented a stall inside a new public market and sold assorted goods thinking that low cost rental and low capital is a good way to start a business. After 3 months, we transferred to an old public market with high foot traffic and a wholesale hub for agri products.

The birth of a Fresh Idea

Learning the agri trading, we started to offer The Personal Buyer concept to our neighbors. Everything started with 1/4 kilo of calamansi which was delivered door to door. Through word of mouth marketing, orders from neighbors and institution started to come in reach up to 100 tons per year.

Self sustainability, partnerships and innovations

As an agricultural company, we understand the factors that limits the production and the flactuation of prices of these commodities. We partnered with different growers to have a continous produce based on our specifications and quality. Acquired machineries and equipments for product development. Developed a farm in San Miguel Bulacan producing high value crop and livestocks.

Starting our own market

Theo’s Community Market was develop during the pandemic. A new store concept that provides fresh produce, meats and other food items closer to homes. Connecting farm produce to metro communities. Hassle free food preparation to households by providing semi processed fresh produce, scaled and gutted fishes. Allowing family to spend time on more important matters while enjoying all kinds of culinary recepies at home.


To be able to serve groceries, fresh seafood, meat, poultry products and ready to serve food made from the finest ingredients to people in a specific community.


Our company’s vision is to build an accessible, one stop shop community market & deli in a specific location that provides hassle free shopping.